Fire Rumsfeld

We find out two important things about the Iraq invasion from the Gordon/Trainor de-briefing. They are the following:

"A United States Marines intelligence officer warned after the bloody battle at Nasiriya, the first major fight of the war, that the Fedayeen would continue to mount attacks after the fall of Baghdad since many of the enemy fighters were being bypassed in the race to the capital.

Instead of sending additional troops to impose order after the fall of Baghdad, Mr. Rumsfeld and General Franks canceled the deployment of the First Cavalry Division."

So from the beginning of the invasion, it became clear to many on the ground that the situation was Photo_bills not as expected, that it was more complex, that there was an organized resistance that needed to be tackled, that many more troops were needed. Rumsfeld responded as he usually does to criticism: he attacks it and ignores it. Amazingly, he held on to this position, even as the coalition stood by and watched the country of Iraq being systematically looted. As is his usual position, he now denies any responsibility for the war plan and blames others. This is also the defense secretary who in his five years in office has trashed the reputation for decency and honor won by generations of American soldiers. Rumsfeld should have been fired within days of the invasion. That he is still in place is a critical sign that the president still isn’t taking winning this war seriously. No one who was committed to victory would still be retaining a man who has presided over the shambles that has been the occupation – and who still doesn’t even understand what a shambles it has been. Fire him.