We need a new term to describe the way in which pundits’ past pontifications can now come back to haunt them. God knows I’m not immune. But this reader sticks it to Markos Moulitsas:

So, Kos has awarded the Democrats’ 2008 presidential nomination to Barack Obama more than a year before the Iowa caucus? What a fantastic service he provides. To fully appreciate his powers of prognostication, perhaps we should rewind the clock to Dec. 18, 2003:

It is clear that our nominee will be either Dean or Clark. No one else has a shot. Therefore, I will not criticize or point to criticism of either of those two candidates. Each one of those guys has his plusses and his cons, and each one of them can beat Bush. That’s all that matters.

D’oh! The only worse predictor I can think of is Mickey Kaus – a man who foretold that 9/11 would be off the front pages by Thanksgiving in 2001 and that John Kerry would have to withdraw his candidacy before New Hampshire. But, hey, I passionately believed in Saddam’s stockpiles of WMDs.