Solitary Confinement for the Innocent

The Bush administration does it again. Many detainees at Gitmo have been released – because they were never guilty of anything, merelky subkect to bounty-hunters in Pakistan. Among these victims of circumstance are thirteen Chinese Uighurs, none of whom ever intended any terrorist activity against the U.S. The government knows they are innocent so what does it do? it does what one has come to expect from the Bush presidency – it has locked them up in round-the-clock solitary confinement, something that, according to their lawyers in an affidavit earlier this week, is "rapidly degrading their mental health." Money quote from Obsidian Wings:

These men were captured by bounty hunters nearly five years ago. They are in all likelihood innocent of any crime, and of any act against the United States; they have certainly never been tried and convicted of any. We have held them in captivity since then, away from their wives and families. If they returned home now, their children probably wouldn’t recognize them – and as those of you who have kids will surely recognize, those are some of the saddest words there are.

And now, for some unfathomable reason, we have decided to lock them up in solitary, where we are driving them insane. Even if they were guilty, this would be wrong: having your mind and your spirit broken apart should not be the penalty for any crime. Our government is doing it to the innocent.

Hey, they’re terrorists. Because … er … we say so.