Neoconservative Cognitive Dissonance

It’s far gone, I’m afraid, as this reader points out:

I’m struck by irony in the common neocon position that if we pull out of Iraq, it will become a Cambodia-like hell on earth; meanwhile, for several years we’ve been using Khmer Rouge tactics to interrogate terror suspects, and the leading Republican presidential candidates apparently want that to continue. The lack of intellectual honesty, or self-awareness, or whatever, is appalling.

My other favorite blind-spot: there’s no point in engaging the Palestinians because Arab political culture is so FUBAR any possibility of civil peace, let alone democracy, is a pipe-dream. At the same time, if we stay on in Iraq another few months, a country full of Arabs, deeply divided between Sunnis and Shiites, with a recent history of mayhem and atrocity and mutual hatred, will become a democracy and help foil Arab dysfunction and Islamist terror.