Clinton and the Gays

I still don’t get it. I can see lesbian support – on gender grounds alone and, alas, identity politics is very potent in lesbian political culture. But why gay men should seek more Clintonism escapes me. A reader proffers a theory:

At a cocktail party this weekend I was talking to a friend and his boyfriend  – both are rabid Clintonites – and I’m asking questions like Why did she attack Rick Lazio for not releasing his taxes, yet now she is doing the same? Why did Bill refuse to release his medical records when he ran even though Dole did, is this a pattern with them? If she takes credit for Bill’s presidency then shouldn’t she be tarred with DOMA? 

And listening to his defense I realized what it reminded me of. It wasn’t the defense of a politician whom he admired, he sounded like somebody 40 years older defending Judy Garland or Liza Minelli: "Oh, life has been so cruel to them, but didn’t they come through it with fire and glamour?!".

Perhaps Hillary constantly playing the victim has worked somewhat.  Apparently my gay brethern don’t feel like they are defending a politics, they feel that they are sticking up for a tragic aging Diva whoes life and glamour is fading but who can always count on her shrinking gay fan club to buy up every ticket to her "Comeback Concert".

It reminds me of the line out of Absolutely Fabulous, Eddie says to her gay ex husband when he comments on how fabulous Patsy’s older sister is. "A bitch with a drug habit and you’re anybody’s aren’t you."

Not that Hillary has a drug habit. If you don’t count Bill.