The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXI: The Clothes, Ctd.


Just trying to to make any sense of the Greta van Susteren interview is beyond my cognitive skill-set, but it does confirm what has been clear for two months: Sarah Palin is seriously out there in a connecting to reality kinda way. She cannot actually deny anything factually, so she keeps plowing through in her Bush-style post-modern fashion. Here we go again:

"When I arrived at the convention, there were clothes waiting for me, and clothes being ordered for me and the family, for eight of us. And ever since then, those clothes, knowing that they didn’t belong to me … we boxed them all up, sent them back to the rightful owners, the Republican National Committee, and that’s the story on the clothes."

Try and construct some kind of chronology from those sentences and you realize it’s useless.

She lives in her own world, doin’ some things, sayin’ others, leavin’ it for the rest of us to sort it all out. She’s the kind of person you inch carefully away from if they start talking to you on the bus. And when she is trapped in an obvious, airtight lie, as she has so many times, she simply declares the subject over:

"It just seems like such an irrelevant issue when you consider what is going on in the world today and how a new administration is being ushered in and people being concerned about the direction of the nation and policies that will be adopted. Clothes just seem irrelevant."

It’s not true; it’s not true; it’s not true; it’s irrelevant. Kinda like Clinton with a few dozen IQ points shaved off the top.

(Photo: Johnny Wagner/Getty.)