The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin, XI: “Asking The Girls”, Ctd.

Amazingly, Palin has now offered a third version – contradicting her first two, which contradicted each other – of how she accepted John McCain’s insane offer to be his vice-presidential nominee. To recap: the first version was to Charlie Gibson, saying she accepted on the spot, unblinkingly. The second version was that she asked permission of the girls, a chronological impossibility. Now we have both the first version and now a new third version in the same propaganda piece broadcast on Fox last night:

    PALIN: Just looking right in my eyes and saying, Are you ready for this? Would you like to do this? And I said, I would be honored to run with you. Absolutely. And I thanked him for taking the chance on me also.


I mean, just talk about — that was the epitome of being the maverick, somebody bold, somebody thinking outside of the box, not going with, no doubt, what a lot of the — more of the conventional wisdom would have dictated, you know, go get somebody who’s already on the national scene and perhaps it would be a safer type of pick.

No. He was going to do what he believed was the right thing to do with his pick. And you know, I saw that in his eyes and I respected that. And I said, Absolutely. You are the perfect running mate. I would love to run with you. It was great…

VAN SUSTEREN: Todd wasn’t with you. Did you call Todd then?  

PALIN: Well, before I said yes. That was Senator McCain’s recommendation. He says, Why don’t you call your husband and find out, you know, if he’s good with this also. I called Todd, and Todd, too, was no hesitation. He was like, Absolutely. This will be good. Yes, do this. And just good confirmation that, of course, we were to say yes.


Notice how he story changes within the same interview. She says that she said yes immediately and then says, when prompted, that she called her husband first. The second version of the story – ""It was a time of asking the girls to vote on it, anyway.  And they voted unanimously, yes," – is now down the black hole of magical realism that sustains her mind. What you realize is that the actual truth matters not a whit. She has no real memory; she has what she invents from minute to minute in her head for instant effect. She’s pathological.