Not Confused

Alex Knepper, a gay Republican, speaks out:

I am unable to relate to the faction of gay men who revolve their lives around their sexuality: their neighborhood is gay, their friends are gay, their music and movies are gay, their academic interests are gay, the stores that they frequent are gay — their lives are gay. I am not interested, though, in living my life as a gay man, but simply as a man. I envision a future in which a person’s sexual orientation will be an afterthought. I do not in any way whatsoever see the Democratic Party furthering that.

He makes several important points, not least of which is the compatibility of being gay with being a classical liberal, a cultural integrationist, and a foreign policy hawk. But to avoid the core refusal of the Republican base to see gay relationships as worthy of even minimal legal or civil protection is a form of blindness. You will not change the GOP by telling them that they have nothing to apologize for in their recent record.