It’s So Personal: A Target Of Terror

A reader writes:

I remember sitting in my bible study shortly after the Sept 11 attacks.  The women were discussing the horrible things Islamic terrorists do in the name of their God and their religion.  I Views_of_a_Foetus_in_the_Womb_detail was too private to let them know my experiences.

I ran three Plan Parenthood Clinics in the early 90s.  I worked for Planned Parenthood when Dr Gunn was murdered in Pensacola.

I had been followed home from work.  I had my car vandalized with pictures of aborted fetuses.  My nurses had to receive police escorts to their cars in our parking lots.  My office had rocks thrown through it.  The clinic had to be searched by bomb sniffing dogs one night after being broken into.  I received threats in the mail on a regular basis. My parents were always afraid I would be shot at going to work.

All this in the name of a Christian God and a Christian religion.  It was religious terrorism.  And it was US Citizen on US Citizen happening right here in our suburbs.