Another Summer Week, Another Guest Blogger

by Hanna Rosin

 Hello loyal Andrew fans. I’ll be your guest blogger for the week, and I’m delighted. I’m a contributing Cat in windoweditor at the Atlantic, where I’ve lately written about the utterly unconnected topics of crime, transgendered kids and breastfeeding (against).  I’m also a founding editor of Doublex, Slate’s new women’s site, which launched in May. My own loyalty to Andrew goes back many years, as he gave me my first job, at the New Republic, where I tried very hard in many an editorial to write just like him.

 Topics bubbling up today include torture by power drill, about which many of you have already weighed in, elections in Afghanistan, lazy days in Martha’s Vineyard, and in my world, the CDC’s proposal today that all American boys be circumcized (this site illustrates the story with a meat cleaver – an early sign of the furious reaction to come). My mind is still stuck on last night, which I spent catching up on my new favorite site, My irritation with cute animals mostly centers on cats, particularly my own two cats, which were a gift to my daughter on her sixth birthday. Jill Abramson has her Puppy Diaries. I have my Cat Chronicles, only mine have no tender, heartwarming moments. Here is the view from my window, or at least what’s left of my window after my cat clawed a hole in the screen and decided to climb in and out all day.