The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we followed Palin on the beginning of her publicity tour. Andrew live-blogged her Oprah interview, Max Blumenthal profiled her ghost-writer, Hitchens hacked away at her other hagiography, and Ambinder tackled her view of creationism. Andrew prodded Levi to fight back and pressed the networks to release raw footage from Palin's interviews. Some readers shook their heads at the Dish's coverage, but others cheered it on. Another examined Palin's post-modern poison. We tallied another "odd lie."

Another story the Dish started tracking is Eli Lake's expose on NIAC's Trita Parsi. Andrew addressed the controversy at length and Larison put in two cents. Andrew also reaffirmed his support of Israel and examined in two parts Johann Hari's piece on reformed Jihadists.

In other assorted coverage, Fallows featured Obama's China trip, Friedersdorf tackled jingoistic bloggers, Ezra and others talked cost controls, Douthat returned to blogging, and Cartman performed "Poker Face."

— C.B.