“The View From Your Window”: First Run Sold Out


The Window book got a little swallowed up by Palinpalooza these past two weeks, but the sales didn't slacken. We sold 2,000 at the low, crowdsourced price of $16.25 within a week, and we've now persuaded Blurb to publish another 1,000 at the same price. After this next thousand are snapped up, the price will return to the normal $29.95. So now's your chance.

They're a great Holiday gift, especially for a Dish reader you know, or anyone else who might be captivated by a world-tour through 200 separate windows in 200 separate Dish-reading abodes across the planet.

You can preview the book here with an interactive guide at Blurb.com, the print-on-demand company that is publishing it. And you can buy it for only $16.25 here. Remember it's a four color, high quality, coffee table book that would usually cost well over $30 from a regular publisher. But we're forfeiting a profit at the Dish, crowd-sourcing the price, and although Blurb will make a small margin, we're still able to bring it to you at close to half price.

The model has been so successful, in fact, that we hope to build on this in the weeks and months to come with a range of cheap user-generated books that are able to air topics – such as late term abortion or the cannabis closet – that tend to be euphemized or turned into ideology, but have managed to unfold on the Dish in realler, clearer form.

But few Dish books have as large a place in our hearts as the Window guide.

It's 200 pages of window views, selected from all the submissions sent in over the past three years, with the front image and the back one picked by you, the readers of the Dish. The book has views on every page – and their contrasts opposite one another add a whole new dimension to the Dish's most popular feature. And there's a foreword recalling the genesis of the whole idea (yes, at the very beginning, I tried to call the whole thing off, but you kept sending views and I kept posting them).

Since this is Thanksgiving, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in a window view – and all of you who still are sending them in (future collections will include many). This book can and will be an annual event and we hope to make it better and cheaper in the future with this new publishing model. I'd also like to thank Patrick and especially Chris Bodenner who made this project possible and did almost all the work, Scott Havens and Justin Smith at the Atlantic who brought it across the finishing line, Leigh Haber who shepherded it throughout and Eileen Gittins who runs Blurb and saw the new model as something worth pioneering. 

Gittins' own view about the new publishing model this book portends can be read here.

Buy them now while the last thousand at $16.25 last.