The Post-Racial Philanderer

by Chris Bodenner

John McWhorter processes the Tiger Woods scandal and the stereotypes it defied:

I can imagine a black stand-up routine where somebody said “These wives standing by their men admitting they fooled around – if Tiger’s wife was black you know she’d be all over his ass!!! (Ha ha ha …).” Well, it seems hardly unlikely that Tiger’s skinny blond lady came after him with a golf club. Call it a “black” experience – or evidence that people are people and Tiger has been leading nothing but a human life. Isn’t that what we wanted?

Supposedly if he had been sleeping with black women America wouldn’t care – this is a major thread in the blogs, such as here. But is this true? Let’s say the photos of the Tiger bimbos were of shapely brown-skinned babes – can we really say that the tabloids would suddenly lose interest and go home? Wouldn’t this be even better news – i.e. “Looks like Tiger got tired of his skinny white trophy wife and needed some chocolate?” […] The Civil Rights revolution was about allowing people to not only become President, but to fuck up “post-racially.” Let’s – as progressives in the true sense – go with it.