Correction Of The Decade

In its ten years of daily existence, the Dish has had to run some humiliating corrections. Like any good/bad Catholic, I treat this as some kind of penance for the joys of the whole adventure. But none has come close to what’s coming. Integral to the Dish’s well-being are the two beagles who appear in the cartoon at the top right of this blogazine. One of them is an impostor.


Eddy was adopted from the animal shelter three years ago, and was described to us as a beagle-basset mix. Her face is very beagle although her long and stubby body reveals the basset beneath. Or so we thought. And then at one of recent vet check-ups, Aaron was asked if he wanted a DNA test for her. Why the heck not? Well the results confirm that she is not Sarah Palin’s baby in any form a beagle. She is a mix of bloodhound, basset hound and … a chinook!

It took a while for us to absorb this news. And I wasn’t sure how to break it to our fellow beagle fans. Dusty remains a pure-bred beagle with an attitude to match. But Eddy is not. I have been unwittingly misleading you all these years. Apologies.

(Do I get absolution now?)