The View From Your Recession: Checking Back In

A reader writes:

I don't have really much to update on my view of the recession (one company did reopen the position I applied for, but they are taking their sweet time to look at my application). That said, Ash Wednesday is soon.  In regards to what I intend to give up for Lent, I decided to stop reading my political blogroll, including your blog.  It's not that I have anything against your blog, especially since you and Chris's and Patrick's work is a testament to the good a blog can do.  But in the recent weeks, as everything is getting drearier, it's becoming more and more of a distraction than anything else. 

And honestly, why should most of these things you report on matter to me anyway?  Or, as my friend put it bluntly in his own case, "Why should I give two shits about healthcare if I don't have a fucking job?"

The rage I have about being unemployed (which will technically be one year this week) has only increased.  This is not to say I'll run off and become a teabagger and yell pointless slogans (besides, I think they're cowards).  It's just that it will be easier for me to handle this situation if I don't let the outside world distract me too much.

So, yeah, I'll quit reading the blogs for Lent, as well as be a better worker for the hostel I volunteer for (the closest thing I can think of for almsgiving, given the amount of poor backpackers we get).  Hopefully, when Easter comes about, I'll have a job and can actually care about these things again.  I'll also quit drinking soda as well.

What do you intend to give up, Andrew?

If I told, it would violate the point.