The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXXVII: Limbaugh, Emanuel and “Retards”

Sargent examines Palin's blatant lie with regard to Limbaugh and Rahm using the word "retard". She claims on Fox News that Limbaugh never used the term in reference to a group of people. He did:

Palin’s latest falsehood is almost laughably easy to debunk, yet she went ahead with it anyway. The point is that if you never subject yourself to any kind of media cross-examination, it gets easier and easier to lie, because there’s simply no downside, or any disincentive of any kind, to lying as much as you want to.

And why has no one asked her if it's true that she calls Trig her "retarded baby" in private? We have an eye-witness account – the father of her grandson. But noooo – exposing her for the total fraud she is is something no one in Washington ever wants to do.

And this is the point: the press is complicit in all this (although I have to say that Chris Wallace was pretty fair).

It started in the campaign when she was never held to account – or even asked about – the lies and lies she has told. She never held a press conference – a first for a vice-presidential candidate in modern times. She has never faced a Tim Russert. She is treated like a Hollywood celebrity.

And now she is to be exclusively "interviewed" by Fox News which now employs her. And that will be her only venue for scrutiny, apart from Limbaugh, Levin, Beck et al., even as she runs for president. And because she is no longer an elected politician, this game will go on and on. And eventually the lies will become the truth.