The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXXVIII: Her Brother’s Burnt Foot

Luke Dittrich dismisses the uproar over Palin's use of Canadian healthcare back in the '60s:

Whitehorse General Hospital, where my own daughter was born three years ago, remains, to this day, the closest major hospital to Skagway. When Chuck and Sally chose to take their kids there, it would have been a choice dictated strictly by geography, not politics. There are many things one could criticize about Sarah Palin's views of health care in the United States. That she once participated in cross-border medical tourism to Canada is not one of them.

Juneau is roughly the same distance away, of course. The problem, however, is that – surprise! – she has previously said the Palins did not take their kids for care to Whitehorse, Canada, but to Juneau, Alaska:

Her brother burned his foot badly jumping through a fire, and her mother had to take him down to Juneau on the ferry to the hospital. “All these years later, that’s still what people have to rely on here in some instances,” she said.

Maybe this is just an innocent memory lapse, and her father says it was Whitehorse, not Juneau. But that would make Palin's previous statement objectively and trivially, er, untrue.