The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XL: The Yahoo Account

Well, she can't help herself, which is why her decision to testify to anything under oath was possibly, shall we say, imprudent. According to Jamie Satterfield of who was present at the hearing,

"What [Palin] said was the people at the governor's mansion sometimes sent her emails relative to issues regarding the mansion and her children. She denied specifically diverting gubernatorial issues to the account."

I haven't seen the precise testimony so I cannot verify the precise wording she used (which may be critical). But, on the face of it, this seems demonstrably wrong. Anyone aware of the emails can see that her hacked private account,, was routinely used for state business, as the MSNBC FOIA database proves. Palingates recommends:

Just go to the Crivella West database which was specifically set up for Palin's emails and give in "" as a searchword. You then will receive the impressive number of 28 hits!

In many of these emails members of Palin's administration were sending messages to Sarah's yahoo-account, sometimes VERY important messages (more below). In other cases, Sarah Palin sent emails from her yahoo account which clearly referred to her gubernational business to her staff.