The View From Your Recession

A fifty-something reader writes:

I type 50 words per minute. I've had decades of customer service experience and can handle almost any customer. I have a good grasp of bookkeeping, payroll and could if I had to, effectively cover for the manager of Human Resources. I acquired all these skills in sophisticated Information Technology environments. I can't find a job.

Right now I'm working for the Census. To verify I do have skills I've taken civil service tests for jobs with titles like Administrative Assistant or Accounting Clerk or Payroll Clerk. I score very high on the tests. I can't find a job.

When I apply for things like cashier at the local convenience store I have a delightful conversation with the manager ,,,, and I don't get the job. When I apply for sales jobs in places like Best Buys they are thrilled to see me, seem to be anxious to place me in the computer

department. I don't get the job. 

I have been able to get work here and there which means I don't collect unemployment while I'm working the temporary job. Even with the extensions I will run out of unemployment in July. I just paid my health insurance bill for June. I don't know how I'm going to pay the one for July. I suspect I'm going to have to apply for welfare and medicaid. If you are able bodied and single with no dependents to maintain your welfare benefits you have to make a reasonable attempt to find a job. That usually boils down to applying for a few jobs a week. I'm going to run out of places to apply in a month or so, there aren't that many employers around here. Which means I won't be eligible for welfare. 

I'm considering waiting tables, assuming I can get a job. Forest Ranger for the summer might be possible too. That just puts this off until Labor Day. … live in the Adirondacks, employment is very seasonal and very oriented to tourists. Might have to move in with my sister so that I'm in the metro New York City job market with more options.