The View From Your Window Contest, Ctd

First a word from the winner, P.L.:

This is the proudest moment of my life!  I’d like to thank my aunt (N.L), who lives in Santa Fe, and took me road trips in Northern New Mexico as a child. I’d also like to thank Amtrak. And of course the Daily Dish for such a fun game.

Another reader writes:

Yes! Let’s play this weekly. I would prefer it to be on a Tues, Wed or Thur. Monday is always busy trying to see what blew up over the weekend and Friday is filled with thoughts of the weekend and wrapping up projects. Midweek can be boring and a distraction is needed.


Ok, so I was a gajillion miles off with Durban, South Africa, but please, yes, let’s do this weekly.


YES YES and more YES. I especially loved reading the Sherlock Holmesian renditions of how people got to their often-wrong answers. And what a nice diversion from Oil Spills, Flotilla Massacres and our fave fan, Sarah.


I say no. 

I’m always surprised – pleasantly – by the effect the VFYW photographs have on me. The simple, typically non-stunning photographs make me pause and consider how big the world is, how small the world is, and not necessarily where I fit in but that I do fit in. I like that, and don’t want that experience diluted by thinking about contests, clues, and analysis.


I missed the guessing window for your first “contest.” But, having just returned from the Four Corners area a few weeks ago, the dry shrubby vista put me immediately in mind of northern New Mexico. Good one. Could you be so kind as to ask the photographer if s/he has any good shots of the awesome local Muffler Man, wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope, atop some random retail building on Farmington’s main drag?  I lost my vacation pix and it breaks my heart to have lost that one.

This photo from Farmington is by Deanna Nichols. Her Flickr caption:The Big Man on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1276114484351

Apparently this was not originally Paul Bunyan, but a Muffler Man. While the arm position was originally developed for Paul Bunyan holding the axe–subsequent fiberglass “Big Men” were holding mufflers and other objects. The arm position was the same because the company just used the same mold.

See more of Deanna’s work here. Another writes:

I see now why I lost. Though my guess of Durango, CO was about 125 miles closer to the mark than was the winner’s, the rules state:  “Country first, then extra points for city and/or state.”

In the spirit of Armando Galarrago, I’ll accept my loss gracefully. However, I’d like to suggest that you amend the rules so that the reader whose guess is the closest in distance wins.  Borders are somewhat arbitrary, particularly with respect to this game.  There are no visual clues about borders; we must glean the location from the flora, fauna, architecture, etc. illustrated in the photo.  Each of these characteristics tends to be shared among people who live near one another, without regard to the state or country in which they live.

Another answers this legitimate concern for us:

Yes to the contest, if you guys can handle going through all hundreds of the answers!


This is excellent fun. I vote for daily. Get an intern to do it.

If we had an intern, we would (but we may get some desperately-needed help very soon). My dictatorial compromise: we’ll post the contest on Saturday and run the results on Tuesday.