The VFYW Contest, Ctd

Some flesh on the bones of our decision not to change the VFYW daily posts. One writes:

Please do not post the “where and when” for non-contest photos after the jump. I love VFYW and the contest, but once a week is good enough. It remains fresh this way. I enjoy the daily views, but part of the enjoyment of reading your blog is the ability to skim through quickly and grab what information I desire. But I’ll quickly grow disinterested in VFYW if you make me read the jump every time.

Another writes:

I prefer it the old way. The drop-down option would be a great alternative.


Please go back to the old way.  I think we all can use our vertical scroll bars to prevent us from seeing the location.  I really, really don’t want to click again on the blog more than I have to, especially since The Atlantic has added those motion-filled ads in the upper right.  Those have really slowed down the loading of the blog for me.


VFYW is one of my favorite parts to your blog and I just take simple joy in looking at the picture and noting the location. While I wouldn’t want to deny anybody from “playing the game,” I know I probably won’t click through (as your site for some reason is slow going in my office), so my experience of VFYW diminishes somewhat by burying the location.


Click throughs = annoying

We’ll keep pushing for the drop-down option.