The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XCVII: An “Accidental Favoriting”


Sarah Palin simply denies she favorited a tweet (yes, I just wrote that) linking to the church sign above – because she doesn't know how.

“Jake, I've never purposefully ‘favorited’ any Tweet. I had to go back to my BlackBerry to even see if such a function was possible. I was traveling to Alaska that day…it was an obvious accidental ‘favoriting,’ but no one can mistake that Ann Coulter was obviously being tongue in cheek with that Tweet. Shall I correct this with whichever wonderful media outlet ran with this (an obviously bored reporter…since there must be nothing going on in the world today, like, um, ramifications of a shake up of power in the U.S. House of Representatives?).”

So she didn't do it because she couldn't do it, and if she did do it, it was a joke anyway. That she also favorited three others that day – well three more accidents. Now, all her favorites have been deleted.

Probably an accident.