Web Dispatch From Egypt

by Chris Bodenner

One of our Egyptian readers closely following the coverage sends us a variety of great links:

People are trying to access Twitter (which was blocked Tuesday and Twitter confirmed that via their feed) and Facebook through proxies and all kinds of tricks. A video of how to reach blocked sites is making the rounds. Tunisians are helping by providing proxy lists.

Egyptian (government controlled) TV and Media have totally ignored the events even though the picture that you included yesterday here is in Tahrir Square which is less than 2 miles away from the state television building.

A headline in Al-Ahram (the state's most prominent newspaper) is about the riots, clashes and huge protests in Lebanon!!!! Translation: "Protests and Wide Unrest in Lebanon".  Some info here from Al-Masry Al-Youm (Egyptian Today), an independent newspaper.

There's big dismay among protests about AlJazeera coverage of the events, but late Tuesday night when the government started cracking down on the protests gathered in Tahrir Square using tear gas (50 tear gas bombs reported to be fired), AlJazeera aired video of the shots being fired and the clashes with the protesters. Here's a video.

Some pictures are here, here, and a whole gallery here. Carlos Latuff (a Brazilian cartoonist of Lebanese descent) made some nice cartoons in support of the protests.