Yemen’s Descent

Mackey finds an "extremely graphic clip posted on the Taiz Facebook page show[ing] more clashes and the body of a badly wounded man, described as a "martyr" by the Yemeni activists." AJE's context:

Yemeni security forces have shot dead at least 16 anti-government demonstrators and wounded 30 in the city of Taiz, south of the capital Sanaa, medics said. The violence began when thousands of protesters marched through Taiz toward Freedom Square, where demonstrators have been camped out. As the march passed the governor's headquarters, troops stationed there blocked the procession, and clashes broke out, with some protesters throwing stones, witnesses said. Troops on nearby rooftops opened fire with live ammunition on the crowd and the marchers then turned to besiege the governor's headquarters….

Mackey has more footage from the day, as does Enduring America. Jane Novak gives a snap analysis of the "Hell breaking out all over" Yemen:

Some are suggesting Saleh gave the green light after the NYT article on US shift in position to seeking Saleh’s departure from office. The determination was made that Saleh is unlikely to enact reforms, which is accurate. At every crisis juncture over the last years, with every new declaration of sincerity, Saleh never enacted reforms, only smoke, mirrors and propaganda. 

From that article:

The United States, which long supported Yemen’s president, even in the face of recent widespread protests, has now quietly shifted positions and has concluded that he is unlikely to bring about the required reforms and must be eased out of office, according to American and Yemeni officials…. That position began to shift in the past week, administration officials said.

Goldblog absorbs the news of Obama's slow walk away from Saleh.