The Beast Switch: Your Take, Ctd

Earlier feedback here. A reader writes:

I am a longtime reader, and you have probably heard this from others as well … the new site is slow.  Painfully slow. Can you get them to speed things up?

We spent yesterday compiling a list of tweaks based on your emails and our use of the live-site. Please be patient; we're working on it. Another writes:

My question is when you will show up on the Beast App on my iPod? I already found and downloaded it, so now you need to get your outlet there as you did in the Atlantic app.


I miss the Orwell quote beneath the title; it seems lost hanging above the masthead. And what ever happened to “Of No Party Or Clique”? Are you going to replace it with something else?

Not right now – but we may hold a reader contest to come up with a new one. The Atlantic trademarked the phrase "of no party or clique" since it's in the founding mission statement of the magazine, which is fair enough, it seems to me. Another:

Thank you for continuing to not accept comments on posts. That is the worst thing about the Internet.