There’s No App For That Yet, Ctd

A reader writes:

About making a Dish app: please don't!  The Dish is a weblog, not an avian-vs-porcine video game. Weblogs are all about the links – every day I click through a couple of the Dish's links to learn more about a topic, and return to the Dish with the Back button. An app will destroy this by forcing readers to jump back and forth between the app and their web browser.

Rather then an app, make the Dish site use a "Responsive Design" that can handle any screen size. This will keep the Dish on the web, where it belongs. Zeldman says it's "The New Black".

Another writes:

At least on the iPhone, "Reeder" is an app that syncs with Google Reader and does a very slick job. It's my favourite iPhone app and, amongst a wealth of other feeds, it brings me my daily Dish requirement even when on the can.


Regarding the Dish app, I just wanted to point out a tool called TapLynx that makes it very easy to turn out a custom app to consume RSS feeds.