Dishness, Explained


A reader writes:

As a long-time reader, one of the things I love about the Dish is the way parallel discussions grow from posts, so that multiple political or cultural themes come and go.  These discussions sometimes run for weeks, which runs counter to the perception that the web is all short attention span dreck. Sometimes, these themes interweave.  

Perhaps I was late to see this, but the discussion of the childish, self-centered Objectivist philosophy overlaps superbly with the Giving Tree debate.  Would Rand have cried reading the book for the first time?  I doubt it.  She would have said that the boy was noble to take all he could (though she may have been puzzled by the fact that he did not make a fortune off the apples, house and boat).

Another reader is on the same page:

I find it fascinating how the three most popular discussion threads this week – "Growing Up Objectivist" (on the influence of Rand's writings on the youth), "The Best Children's Books" (on the controversial lessons of The Giving Tree and how it relates to parenting), and "Married Without Children" (on the trade-offs of being an uncle/aunt versus having kids of your own) – have overlapped in so many subtle ways.  

I suppose the theme that binds them all could be, "To what extent should you live for yourself and how much should you live for others?" An age-old question.

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