Taking Trump Seriously

Chait begins to:

I don't mean to overstate things here. Trump faces massive barriers. With his long history of liberal position stances and donations to the Democratic Party, he's a ridiculously easy oppo research hit. And he may well be putting us all on anyway. But the right combination of circumstances could let Trump build momentum and steal the nomination from a divided field. It's a longshot, but I wouldn't say anymore it couldn't happen.

I feel the same way. The more I have observed American politics, the more I am aware that long shots do come true here. And I should say that despite Trump's manifest unsuitability for high office, I prefer a system where a total outsider has a chance to break in from time to time rather than the more closed parliamentary systems of Europe.

Of course, I should be careful what I wish for. But Trump will only be president if enough people vote for him. And this, in the end, is a democracy. The people decide.