Palin’s New Hood


It sure ain't Wasilla:

Despite its rustic flair, there is nothing ordinary about Ms. Palin’s new neighborhood, one of the most elite in the Phoenix area and a place that some refer to derisively as “Snobsdale.” “Scottsdale is a unique combination of cowboy country, open spaces, sophistication, snobbery, resorts, arts, golf, spring training and plastic surgery,” said Jason Rose, a public relations executive who works here. Its downtown is lined with art galleries and fashionable restaurants, and Scottsdale hosts an Arabian horse show and antique car auction every year.

But it is in the state with the greatest racial discrepancy between current, almost entirely white seniors and current, increasingly Latino babies. I.e.: a great base for what the Palin campaign is calling "The Fundamental Restoration of America." If your appeal is cultural panic, why not base yourself in its heartland? From then on: divide and conquer.

(Photo by Alan English, who captions: "Frank Lloyd Wright Spire & Coyote Fountain. The Scottsdale Promenade is an Upscale Mall & Office complex at the SW Corner of Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.")