How The Public Sees HIV

Kaiser has a new report on HIV/AIDS public opinion. Concern about the disease is fading, as is the stigma. But what I find notable is that irrational fears are still so prevalent:


18 percent would feel uncomfortable working alongside someone like me. Here's some more evidence to support John McWhorter's concern about black homophobia:

Even though they are just as likely as other groups to report having a close friend or family member who is gay, blacks are much more likely than whites or Latinos to believe that homosexual behavior is morally wrong: 47 percent say so, compared to 32 percent of whites and 27 percent of Latinos. Even among the younger generation, with their generally more accepting views, blacks are more likely to say they view homosexuality as a moral wrong (37 percent of blacks under age 30 see it as such, compared to 24 percent of whites and 18 percent of Latinos).