Death By Toilet Paper

And other suspicious causes of death in Chinese prisons:

One advocacy organization, the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group, recently published a list of credulity-defying explanations by officials including death by “being handed toilet paper,” by “playing hide and seek,” and by “face-washing.” The autopsy of one inmate, who reportedly died after “squeezing pimples” on his chest, revealed that a sharp instrument had penetrated his chest and heart. A 19-year-old woman held in a Mongolian labor camp was said to have died “from ectopic pregnancy”; her relatives saw bruises and signs of apparent sexual assault on her corpse. And a man, who supposedly died from “drinking hot water” last year, had had his testicles crushed and his nipples cut off, according to relatives. Those who survive and try to report the abuse are often caught in an Orwellian system where officials in charge of investigating the allegations are the very officials in charge of running the prisons.