“Our Country Needs More Threats Like Gay Marriage”

John Guardiano claims the institution of marriage is "under threat." Guardino's Jeremiad flies in the face of recent data which show that heterosexual marriages are lasting longer and with fewer divorces since marriage equality became a major debate in this country. Goldblog backs me up:

My marriage these past 14 years has been principally devoted to the care and raising of children, and also to the selection of kitchen tiles. But mostly it's been about children. And this is as it should be. But Guardiano obviously doesn't know very many gay people, because over the past several years, I've seen extraordinary parenting done by gay and lesbian couples, parenting of children who had been actual orphans before they were rescued by the evil gays and provided with homes, stellar educations, and most of all, selfless, limitless parental love. That's what gay marriage is about, then: the embrace by previously-marginalized people of a traditional institution, an institution indispensable for the raising of healthy, whole children.