Wine Going To Pot

A new kind of culinary cannabis:

Adjusted for volume, "special" wines can range from under a pound of marijuana per 59-gallon barrel to over 4 pounds per barrel. The result is a spectrum ranging from a gentle, almost absinthe-like effect to something verging on oenological anesthetic. Henry views his wine as a digestif, "like a fernet." Recently he made a Riesling (unusual, in that most pot-infused wines are reds), mixing about an ounce of fairly dry (as opposed to fresh) marijuana ("I wanted less of a piney-oily texture") with the wine in a 5-gallon carboy. After about five months, he bottled the wine, unfiltered, in 375-milliliter splits marked only with a hand-drawn skull and crossbones on the cap.

He is, it goes without saying, a popular, popular man at dinner parties.

(Hat tip: Nerdcore)