You Are Not The Lorax

Dave Roberts calls the above trailer "a rainbow-barf monstrosity":

What makes [The Lorax] unique is its overwhelmingly mournful tone. It is unusually long for a Dr. Seuss story, almost 60 pages, and only on the last two pages, in the last two short verses, is there a glimmer of light.

But it's not like the end of The Sneetches or The Grinch, where societies in conflict are healed. The mini-society the Once-ler started — a stand-in for industrial society? — ends in abject ruin, drained of all color and life. There is no redemption, only the faint promise that something might be learned, that the mistakes might be avoided next time. The Once-ler's story is an elegy…[the trailer] is just sappy, generic uplift, all about chasing your dreams and actualizing your inner self, the usual crap that's fed to suburban kids to keep their minds off outer-directed goals, social and political goals, goals like, oh, preventing corporations from cutting down all the trees.