The Third Woman

The Daily has identified one of the women who filed harassment complaints against Herman Cain. She sounds like the usual leftist liar:

Karen Kraushaar, a 55-year-old former journalist and seasoned government spokeswoman who served on the front lines of the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, is a competitive equestrian and lover of golden retrievers. She has been married for more than two decades.

"She wouldn’t be the type to make false allegations," brother-in-law Ned Kraushaar, a Georgia software consultant, told The Daily. "This happened [more than] 10 years ago. It’s not like she wanted to try and hurt the Republican Party."

I believe that a man capable of abusing power and then lying about it categorically has no place in public office. That's why I couldn't endorse Clinton in 1996, despite my support for much of his substantive record. There is nothing more central to the integrity of the body politic than a record of abusing power and lying about it.