Dish Readers: Who Are You?

Dish Readers: Who Are You?

We're beginning to include ads again in the Dish, after our mercifully smooth transition to the Beast. Many of you have already been surveyed by the suits (and we mean that in the nicest way) and we have some of the basic details of who you are (younger than most political sites, and much better educated, for example). But it occurred to me that the usual demo questions for ad-buyers could be spiced up a little and the sample expanded a large amount – if only for curiosity's sake. So we brain-stormed some of the questions we'd like most to know about you, and have also set up this poll for you to brainstorm and add your own questions – and answer them. Feel free to ignore questions that might help us get ads, unless you're feeling generous this Christmas season. But do throw in some questions about your fellow Dishheads that you've always wondered about or wanted to know.

The above Urtak is a quick and easy survey to get a better sense of you, the typical Dish reader. Submit Yes/No questions of your own in the field at the very top and we will select some of them to add to the survey.  Check back later in the day to answer newly submitted questions. Analyze the results of the survey here. We ran an Urtak in a debate reax a few months ago and it was really popular.