Dish Readers: Who Are You? Ctd

Dish Readers: Who Are You?

Look above to see the new questions available in our reader survey (such as "Did you support the Iraq War in 2003?" and "Do you have a beard, or prefer men who do?"). The Urtak blog digs into the cross-tabs:

[Andrew Sullivan's] readers under the age of 35 are less likely to have cried in response to a Dish post. Cold-hearted youth!

His married readers would be less interested in attending an annual conference of Dish readers.

His Jewish readers are almost three times more likely than their gentile counterparts to have attended Ivy League colleges.

His Republican-voting readers are more likely to have emailed him.

And his gun-owning readers are more likely to make more than $100,000/year.

Readers are also sifting through the data:

I was shocked to find out that FIFTY percent of your readers who took your poll were atheists like me.

I've always respected your Catholicism and read every word of your debate with Sam Harris years ago, but I think that this is living proof that there are a lot of nameless, faceless, intelligent skeptics out there – many of whom are aligned with you on most other important issues. I think it just goes to show how independent and anomalous you are.

Well, that's a nice way to put it. Another writes:

I suspect you already knew the rough answer to this question, but it still must be jarring to see that 78% of Dish readers answered yes when asked "do you consider yourself a liberal?" while only 9% answered yes when asked "do you consider yourself a political conservative?" As you know, I'm one of those liberals, tried and true. I think people like me read The Dish because we're craving an actual intelligent, well-reasoned political opponent. A point of view based in reality but skeptical of liberal political thought. We want to have real political arguments, but they're impossible to have with know-nothing movement conservatives.  The Dish is where we come to grapple with the patriotic, intelligent, small-c conservative, loyal opposition we wish we could get from the GOP.

Another reader:

Holy cats, Andrew. The survey of your readership is an eye-opener in many ways, but my greatest take-away from the results so far is: I am one of only 22% of your readers who is female, and the rest of your readership appears to be largely comprised of straight men around my age, a good percentage of whom are unmarried, non-religious, liberal, and voted for Obama. And many of them have dogs!

You’re damn straight I'd come to that annual gathering …

Explore the data for yourself here. A big thanks to all our readers who took a few minutes to answer and submit questions. The most original submission:

Would you pay to see Andrew shave his beard live on The Dish with proceeds going to "cure" Marcus Bachmann?