Did The Drug War Kill Whitney?

Nick Gillespie asks:

Does prohibition – which demonstrably fails to keep illegal drugs out of the hands of people who want them – simply make it that much harder for people like Houston to admit and seek problems for their problems? Everyone knows that it's no easy thing for addicts or problem users of anything to admit they need help. Does criminalizing the behavior on top of everything else make it that much harder to for such people to seek the help they need?

Mansfield Frazier has the same thought:

If we can better understand how Houston’s life spiraled out of control due to her long-term drug abuse—no matter if drugs ultimately caused her untimely death or not—and what steps can be taken to curtail such tragedies, then perhaps we can use her death to finally begin to advocate for sane drug policies in this country. In this way maybe some degree of good can come out of this tragic loss.

Rod Dreher counters:

Huh? Would Houston not have drugged herself to death if her substance of choice had been legally obtainable? By this logic, legalizing alcohol has led to fewer alcoholics.