The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew wrote a long assessment of how Santorum's ascendancy (and the above outburst) reveals the theo-political core of today's GOP. On a follow-up note, we tracked the backlash against Rick's Kennedy comments, noted Santorum's "honesty probem," and assessed his labelling Obama a "snob" for wanting people to go to college. We also watched Romney's Michigan lead expand and then narrow, decided the auto-bailout made Michigan a no-go for the GOP in the general, and saw every candidate but one alienating Michigan Muslims. Mitt jumped hard right, had difficulty going positive, and received support from hypocritical bishops, while Paul won the military-industrial vote and voted like a fiscal conservative. The meaning of the delegate count got broken down, sanity about the race sometimes required punny headlines, and Republican ideological rigidity might have paid off. Geoffrey Kabaservice's book on the collapse of GOP moderates got reviewed here and here, and Chait predicted the party's downfall here.

Not to be distracted by the campaign, Andrew kept the focus on Obama's war on medical marijuana. We hoped that Assad could be brought down without devastating escalation, found no evidence that unemployment created insurgents, psychoanalyzed the neoconservative mind, and were fascinated by Jerusalem Syndrome. The Oscars created a proud moment for Iranians and weren't quite as special as one kid hoped, while the MPAA still prevented children from seeing an important film about bullying. Identity politics got criminally crazy, NPR innovated on journalistic approaches to the truth, and everyone hated jury duty. Mapping the Amazon helped save it, cash withered away, people failed at risk assessment, insect eating got assessed by the EU, and the morality of killing zombies was more complicated than you think. AAA here, Tweet of the Day here, Yglesias Awards here and here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.