“The Christian Social Network”

The secret to Santorum's success and why he has a good shot at winning in Louisiana this Saturday:

Santorum has braided together a powerful coalition of national Evangelical leaders with a committed grassroots army — anti-abortion activists, home-school groups, Tea Partyers, and so on — who are drawn to his faith-laced message. … Throughout the primary, Santorum has collected an outsize share among the Evangelical communities — a fact some observers attribute as much to his competition as to his charisma. "The deep rooted suspicions of Mormonism trump vestigial suspicions of Catholicism," says Randall Balmer, a professor of religious history at Barnard College. Santorum’s favor among this network of pastors — the "grass tops" — has been critical. Their support filters down to the grass roots in communities where churches are the backbone of social interaction.