War Through A Child’s Eyes

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Amy Davidson connects the Hunger Games series to counterinsurgency:

America has been at war for a decade now; is it really a coincidence that the biggest movie of the year is the first in a trilogy in which torture, terror, asymmetric warfare, and the manipulation of public opinion all play a role? 

Mark Medley tries to predict the next Hunger Games. Diana Butler Bass considers the religious aspect of the franchise:

On the surface, Panem appears void of religion. There are no prayers, no churches, no temples, no priests, no shamans, no God or gods, no sense of hope. In this future world, all vestiges of institutional religion are gone. … Despite the lack of conventional religious trappings, however, the major theme of the novel is a deeply theological question, one that has haunted the religious imagination for millennia: Can violence–even sacrificial violence–save?

(Chart via Goodreads)