The Female Gaze

Alyssa Rosenberg is psyched for the role reversal, among other things, in Magic Mike:

[I]t’s almost unprecedented to have a story about a man who trades on his looks in precisely the same women do, from a position of supplication and as a consumption object rather than as a tool to be deployed. It’s also somewhat rare to have a male character with a career dream that a female character encourages him to pursue rather than the other way around—it’s women who are supposed to discount their own abilities. 

The film is based on actor Channing Tatum's experience as a stripper in Florida when he was 19. Not everyone can control their snark:

Ultimately, this is a tale of a man looking for something more, and he is inspired by the one woman who wants him to shake his junk in her face not for money, but for love. So he has to choose between a life of endless rich, white, 20-something women begging him for sex – which is obviously a dead-on portrayal of the male stripper life – or creating his own coffee tables and settling down. It really is the classic American love story.