Can Obama Be Swift-Boated?

Weigel shakes his head:

Some political attacks are twelfth-dimensional chess that only the pros understand at first. This feels more like venting by people who hate the fact that Obama can mention the OBL killing. 

I think there's a huge difference between veterans' attacking a fellow vet who is just a candidate, and active servicemembers maligning their president and commander-in-chief. Jonathan Bernstein agrees that swift-boating is unlikely to hurt Obama. His reason:

Swift Boating  – and the George W. Bush campaign in 2004 in general — was probably a dud. The most important thing to know about the 2004 election, when it comes to electioneering effects, is that Bush underperformed the "fundamentals" models.

Adam Weinstein has more on Veterans for a Strong America, the group behind the ad, which Karl Rove has called "powerful."