Love And Hate In Uganda

A reader writes:

Thank you for the How to Survive a Plague recommendation. I have tickets to see it tomorrow. I want to strongly recommend the documentary Call Me Kuchu in case you have not already seen it or covered it.

It is about gay rights activism in Uganda and tells a highly personal story of the people there facing incredible (and indeed life-threatening) odds to live their lives and try to prevent a legal and cultural regime from growing even worse – especially the so-called homosexuality bill that would create a capital offense for LGBT activities and also outlaw providing HIV/AIDS treatment to gays or even knowing someone is LGBT and not reporting it within 24 hours.

I saw this film last night, and it moved me to tears. It raises so many issues, including the role of the US in spreading this type of hate. It is the most powerful film about love and hate that I have seen. I cannot imagine facing the type of oppressive hatred that the subjects of the film must wake up to every day.