Ad War Update

According the ABC News, 100% of the ads released in the past three months by Obama-friendly Priorities USA have mentioned Bain Capital, compared with less than 1% of ads released by the Obama campaign. And they appear to be working [NYT]:

In the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 33 percent of respondents in swing states said that hearing or reading about Mr. Romney’s business record had made them view him more negatively, as opposed to 18 percent who said it made them view him more favorably. And strategists with both parties said independent voters speaking in focus groups had indicated that they had seen the ads or heard their charges and that they had raised questions in their minds about Mr. Romney’s experience.

Part of the Romney campaign's response to the Bain attacks was last week's Hillary ad, their first up in Florida, which according to the same NYT article is part of a new strategy to paint Obama as a "craven political figure".  Also worth checking out is the accompanying NYT infographic examining campaign and outside group spending across 11 battleground states.

Meanwhile, the Obamacare-as-tax attacks continue from conservative Super PACs, including this new ad from Rove's American Crossroads, part of six-figure one-week buy:

There's also a new anti-Obamacare ad targeting Congresswoman Lois Capp (D-CA) in which the NRCC gets all text-y:

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