The Daily Wrap

Here comes the derecho! Bronx, NY 7-25 pm

Bronx, New York, 7.25 tonight. "Here comes the derecho!"

Today on the Dish, Andrew was uproariously relentless in keeping track of Romney's UK gaffe-a-thon, as Boris Johnson and Brit readers piled on, as well as Luckovich. While the GOP nominee blew off the US press corps, Andrew rounded up the fingers-in-ears humming within the conservative media over Mitt's visit, with only a tiny concession from Krauthammer. And while Ann Romney's horse kicked up some secrecy questions, Cameron vowed to legislate for gay marriage, in stark contrast to his aspiring American counterpart. From Romney's "persistent oddness" a Dish meme was born – and multiplied – while the AmericanBorat meme mushroomed on Twitter. In short, Romney's London visit rivaled "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

Andrew also called attention to the "ignored face" of the HIV epidemic – black gay men – and deflected the hail of attacks from readers about his Sally Ride critique. In campaign finance, bloggers took a crack at debunking Matt Bai's Citizens United argument, Jane Mayer worried about the implications of that same SCOTUS decision, and Paul M. Barrett kept tabs on Rove's outside money empire.

Meanwhile, the debt ceiling debacle cost $1.3 billion, a reader defended the Obama/Warren "you didn't build that" argument, and this post dug into the voter fraud chimera. Bob Wright tracked confirmation bias in Commentary, Obama hinted at a gun control position, and Dan Savage stood up for the non-Aurora gunshot-wounded Coloradoans.  Adam Segal unpacked China's innovation troubles and Elizabeth Green considered the tough realities of education reform. Oh, and Palin held a press conference … finally.

Jesse Ellison took the IOC to task for its policy on androgen levels in women, the insular cortex accounted for superior athletic ability, and Olympics fever picked up. The Awl revisited the NYT's storied homophobic history and, in a sign of the times, the AARP put out dating tips for older gay fellows. Cannabis history included diarrhea medication, Michael Potemra took himself unseriously, and Obama got on board with the anti-Real Housewives movement. America's fast fashion habit implied that we're shopping against our own interests, Tom Shone commemorated Hitchcock's brilliance, and the word "the" still reigns. Bob Ross got the remix he's long deserved, an awesome series of View From Your Airplane Windows here, VFYW here and FOTD here.