Ask Jay Rosen Anything: What Does Political Journalism Get Wrong? Get Right?

Jay teaches journalism at NYU, where he directs the Studio 20 program and writes the blog PressThink. He also streams his press criticism through Twitter and Tumblr. His ideas have been featured on the Dish numerous times, some highlights of which are here, here, here and here. Jay recently wondered how the press would cover a “post-truth campaign” for the presidency. He thinks it would fall under the category of “too big to tell”:

Meaning: feels too partisan for the officially unaligned. Exposes the press to criticism in too clear a fashion. Messes with the “both sides do it”/we’re impartial narrative that political journalists have mastered: and deeply believe in. Romney will be fact checked, his campaign will push back from time to time, the fact checkers will argue among themselves, and the post-truth premise will sneak into common practice without penalty or recognition, even though there is nothing covert about it.