Adventures In Post-Modernism

Why does Benjamin Wallace's piece on the TomKat saga make me think of Roger Ailes?

"How the tabloid magazines work is they make a judgment about what the audience already thinks about a celebrity story—Angelina stole Brad, and Jennifer is miserable about it—and they just keep repeating the story because it reassures people that what they already think is true," says Ben Widdicombe, former "Gatecrasher" columnist for the Daily News. "With Katie and Tom, it’s, ‘She was this poor innocent lost bride, and Tom was her jailer.’ That certainly rings true to me, but that’s as deep as tabs go, so it ­becomes a self-fulfilling story."

Of course, there’s almost no real information to support any particular narrative. Everything is blind-sourced. Everyone’s publicists deny everything, including denying, off the record, that they’re even sources. It’s an information desert, or close enough, and the tabs wring cover stories from the merest specks of news, pseudo news, and non-news (viz., the "Scientology goons" staking out Holmes, who turned out to be Holmes’s own security detail).