The Real Red Scare

Pointing out that China's economy is rapidly slowing and that its "once-in-a-decade leadership tranisition…has not been going smoothly," Patrick Chovanec underscores legitimate concerns about China:

[F]ears of an unstoppable Chinese juggernaut are misplaced or outdated.  What we really should be worried about is a China that is stumbling badly and doesn’t know what to do next.

Meanwhile, Stan Abrams sighs about the Republican ticket's calling for a more "aggressive stance" on China:

Ryan has signed on to Romney’s team, and as such, he’s stuck playing the same game. That means trying to simultaneously use China bashing as  a populist lever on the campaign trail, while at the same time, in those fund raisers and in meetings with campaign donors, reassure the business community that they really don’t mean what they say.

Brent Budowsky notes a particular irony: Sheldon Adelson has contributed at least $35 million to the GOP this year and is under investigation for his dealings with the Chinese government.