TPM’s Appeal

Longtime Dishheads will recall how Talking Points Memo was born not long after the Dish and has been, like us, in continuous production ever since. It was great to start with, as Josh's lone blog, but it has Screen shot 2012-10-10 at 1.28.04 PMonly gotten better over the years, adding more reporting, analysis, polls, etc. without losing Josh's core voice. They're now pursuing a new business model which offers TPMPrime membership to devoted readers, while keeping the site itself completely open to any one, i.e. no real paywall, and an extra bunch of goodies if you want to be a pioneer supporter. I just wanted to add a voice to say that if you visit TPM regularly (and I know many Dish readers do), give Josh a hearing. Here's his introduction of TPM Prime. Here's his latest pitch. Here's where you go to support his enterprise.

For my part, I'm signing up. Not because I'm a core TPM liberal reader – but because I do read it regularly, and believe in independent journalism that is economically viable online. I also want to express thanks for a decade of journalism that was given away for free.

That Josh is pioneering this is important. Online ads are a hard sell for political blogs, especially those that challenge establishment narratives or make the kind of trouble good journalism should. Loyal readers help keep Greenwald afloat. With any luck, they/you will help secure TPM's future.  Good luck, guys. The Dish is with you.